Compress and decompress archives and mount them to virtual drives
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WinArchiver can help you decrease your files’ size by compressing them without any data loss, which comes in very useful if you need to save storage space or send a large file via email. In addition, the tool lets you protect your data with a password, create various volumes and customize the compression level. Moreover, it can decompress archives. Luckily, it supports most archive formats.

It is also a good thing that it can also create a virtual drive without decompressing the archive, which saves a lot of time, particularly when you are dealing with large ISO files. This has the additional advantages that you do not need to use the original disc and reading speed becomes much faster. The tool can also make a copy of a disc in ISO, BIN or XDI formats or convert between these formats. Not only that, it can actually burn discs out of an image file.

The tool has a straightforward modern interface. Fortunately, it integrates with Windows shell, so you can invoke compress and decompress actions directly from the contextual menu. Similarly, you can manage the number of virtual drives and access the program’s settings this way.

All in all, WinArchiver is more than a simple zipping utility as it also incorporates some features that make it useful when we need to work with discs and virtual drives. Only one thing: the availability of additional features related to managing disc image files makes it more difficult to use than other more basic tools of the same type.

Pedro Castro
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  • Wide format support.
  • Multivolume.
  • Password protection.
  • Burns discs.
  • Creates images.
  • Mounts archives as virtual drives.
  • Windows-shell integration.
  • Conversion between image file formats.


  • More features make it more difficult to use.
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